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Webzy makes things easy for you to build your own professional website for free. No website building experience required, no coding and no extra CSS styling needed.

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Webzy provides 100% up-time, and a serious security suite to keep your website running and functioning like it should for your readers. No worries with Webzy!

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Dozens of themes are available to choose from right from the start for your website, but we can always add more on your request. Just choose the themes you want!

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Your free website comes with a nice suite of themes and plugins. But we have thousands of both to choose from to help you build the website you really want!

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Webzy Wordpress articles and tutorials cover everything you need to know about Wordpress, themes, and plugins. Our tips, tricks, and secrets will help you even more!

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Wordpress Multisite Network Tips, Tricks, Secrets

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Wordpress Multisite Network Tips, Tricks, Secrets

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WordPress Developers Teach At Webzy University

Wordpress developers today were invited to teach courses at Webzy Wordpress University. Instructors will set up their own courses of choice.

Webzy WordPress University – All Courses Are Free

Webzy Wordpress University can teach you a lot! How to develop themes & plugins, how to make your site do what you want in every way.

WordPress Menus Plugin – Admin Toolbar Menus

The Wordpress menus plugin "Admin Toolbar Menus" is a neat little plugin that adds simplicity to creating & placing menus on Wordpress blogs.

WPFront Notification Bar – Say What You Want

WPFront Notification Bar is one of the best ways to place notices or ads in the topbar of your Wordpress website or blog. Even banner ads look great!

WordPress Themes – Which One Is Best For Your Website

Wordpress Themes - In our opinion Nirvana, without question, is the ultimate theme for versatility, ease of use, and functional flexibility.

Wordfence Security Plugin – Blocks Intruders Now

Wordfence Security Plugin For Wordpress - The ultimate security plugin for tracking visitors to your Wordpress site. Block intruders.

MailPoet Newsletter Plugin – Great Newsletters

MailPoet Newsletter Plugin is the best Wordpress newsletter plugin we have found. We use MailPoet Newsletter Plugin for all of our newsletters.

Proudly Powered by WordPress – Remove It The Easy Way

Editing Wordpress core or theme files directly is not a good idea because your theme changes can be overwritten during normal updating.

WordPress Login Page – How Did You Customize It?

Wordpress Login Page - Customizing your Wordpress login page, logout page, register page, and lost password page is easy with MS Custom Login.

Avatar – How Do I Add An Avatar To My WordPress Profile?

Webzy Wordpress powered multisite network has installed the Avatar Manager plugin already for your benefit. Add an avatar to your profile.

WordPress Plugins And Themes Should Be Free!

Wordpress plugins and themes are often released as premium plugins for Wordpress and are often poorly developed with bugs and glitches.

WordPress Powered Multisite Network – Webzy Network

Webzy Wordpress Powered Multisite Network is officially open to the public. We allow anyone who wants their own website to have one.

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Wordpress Multisite Network Tips, Tricks, Secrets
  • Add A Wordpress Forum To Your Website
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Wordpress Multisite Network Tips, Tricks, Secrets


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Wordpress Multisite Network Tips, Tricks, Secrets
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Wordpress Multisite Network Tips, Tricks, Secrets

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